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  • Loves his wife, Lauren, and daughters, Ella and Scottie

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  • Studied (kinda) finance at Texas A&M

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50 Entries (100 Pages)
*Couples work through the same journal and do not need their own individual copy.
People change.The person you “I do” at the wedding won’t be the same person at “death do you part”. This reality will either become the most beautiful and exciting thing about your marriage or the most destructive.We have watched too many marriages fail because the couples grew apart. They lost their connection, love, and intimacy. We don’t want that to be us. We want to grow together.Grow is the key word. Change is inevitable, growth is optional. When growth isn’t happening, bad habits and poor character emerge and cause frustration in a relationship.As we celebrated our first anniversary, we brought along a blank, leather-bound journal and a list of questions. The goal for the occasion was simple...Capture the past year’s memories so we would never forgetEvaluate the current health of our relationshipDream about the next year’s possibilitiesAnd give each other a chance to honestly address areas needing improvementIt was a journal, an assessment, a workbook, and a goals list all wrapped into one. It was so helpful that we made it a tradition to do each year at our anniversary.We thought the exercise could be just as rewarding for other marriages and pray you enjoy this resource.Growing together,Ben & Lauren Debayle5 “Looking Back” Questions- What Were Some Of Our Favorite Memories This Past Year?
-What Is Something God Did That We Are Thankful For?
What Friends Did We Grow Closer To And What New Friendships Formed?
What Was The Most Significant Challenge We Faced?
In What Ways Are We Better Now Than We Were Last Year?
5 “Looking Ahead” Questions
What Are Some Goals We Would Like To Pursue This Year?
What Is Something We Are Believing For God To Do This Year?
What Friendships Do We Want To Strengthen This Year?
What Area Of Our Relationship Are We Committed To Strengthening This Year?
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